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The most popular sports in betting

Which sports most often attract the attention of sports betting fans? Much, of course, depends on the player's personal preferences and thematic knowledge. The most popular are sports that take place throughout the year and have a very extensive range of tournaments and events.

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Popular sports in betting

Some disciplines cannot be denied that they attract the attention of the vast majority of players. The popularity of sport disciplines among players undoubtedly affects the betting offer available at bookmakers.

1. Football

There is no doubt that football takes first place in the world rankings. It is one of the most cultivated and watched discipline in most countries around the world. It has over four billion fans. The World Cup is the world's most-watched sports event, while the Champions League is the world's most-paid club event. Football has the most important place in every bookmaker's offer. Football bets cover the largest number of national leagues. It has the biggest number of bets available per match. Every year, football attracts millions of fans to stadiums in every country. The only exceptions can be the United States and some Asian countries, where football popularity is inferior to basketball or baseball, as well as cricket which is extremely popular even in India. However, in general, football is the most practiced sport on every continent and in almost every country, and the proof of this can be that almost everywhere football leagues are divided into many classes. In countries such as the United Kingdom, which is considered the homeland of football for a reason, there are as many as a dozen or so. Thus, it is also obvious that football matches must not be missing from the offer of bookmaking companies. We can go even further and say that most legitimate bookmakers are based on football and bets on football matches represent more than half of their offer.

2. Basketball

Basketball is the second most popular team sport in the world. In terms of the number of fans, active players and the number of bookmakers, basketball is second after football. Discipline is practiced by millions of women and men, dozens of league matches are played each day. Basketball bets are available at every bookmaker. There are intervals between seasons in subsequent competitions, but the vacuum is filled with representational, youth or slightly less popular women's basketball. The women's NBA season (called WNBA) begins shortly after the final settlements in the NBA. Contrary to appearances, the length of a basketball game is not the same in all competitions. The number of game parts is the same - the match is divided into four quarters. In Europe, each of them lasts 10 minutes, while in the NBA league the match is 120 seconds longer. In the context of basketball betting, this is a very important nuance.

3. Cricket

Cricket is a sport with a centuries-old tradition and it was born in England. Cricket rules are not the simplest, and the fastest way to understand them is to watch matches. For most of the world, cricket is an exotic discipline ... but not for the British, it is also well known in India, Pakistan, Australia, the Caribbean or South Africa. One of the main advantages in favor of cricket bets are very attractive odds. This discipline is not popular in many countries, so setting odds often is a difficult task.

4. Tennis

The huge popularity of tennis among sports betting fans is not surprising. Every day, almost throughout the year, tennis enthusiasts can follow the tournaments of various ranks - from ITFs to Grand Slam tournaments. Bookmakers offer a wide range of tennis bets. Tennis is also the most global sport - with tournaments practically held all year round, in all countries of the world. It is also the most popular and watched discipline among both women and men.

5. Rugby

Only the world football championship draws more fans on TV than the rugby championship. The rugby world championship is one of the largest sporting events in the world. In terms of the audience, it is second after the Olympic Games and football World Cup.

The top ten most popular sports are closed by Formula 1, horse racing, boxing, ice hockey, and volleyball. The two most popular sports in the United States are baseball and American football. Football is not a very popular sport in the opinion of American bookmakers.

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